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Spring has Sprung! When I saw this little flower, I just had to take a picture of it.  I think it is beautiful. white and red flower Here are a few other flowers that are expressing Gaia’s Life Energy. Yellow flower Purple flower Pink Flower Gaia’s Life Energy has brought many birds back to my neighborhood after a long winter.   I am finding that birds are great teachers.  Spending time listening and watching birds as I walk has open my eyes to their beauty and the beauty of the earth.

Robins are my favorite birds.  Sometimes if I’m not paying attention, I almost step on these birds.  They are always walking or hopping on the grass in the front yards of many homes. Robin4 Robin3 I also see these birds in the trees. Robin2 Ducks are another bird that I see quite a bit.  I see them by the water behind my complex. Ducks2 These ducks, especially the one with the green feathers, let me take a few pictures before they flew off. Duck5 Duck4As I was meditating by the water, this little bird came by and landed on a rock close to me.  I struggled to get my camera out of my pocket to take this picture. Birdonrock It amazes me that I live in an urban area but I am lucky enough to be near a small pocket of land where Gaia’s Life Energies can be expressed.  It is a place where I can connect with the Goddess and experience Her in all Her splendor.