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I had another interaction with the Heron that resides along the tributary or river that runs behind my home.

View of river

As I started to get ready for my morning walk, I looked out the window and saw that it was a dreary morning and decided not to bring my camera.  Mistake!  When I reached the path that leads to the river I came upon not one but TWO Herons!  I was shocked!  I wish someone could have taken a picture of my face when I saw the birds.  My mouth almost hit the ground with shock.

Of course, I startled one of the Heron and she quickly flew to the other.  She communicated something to her mate and then flew low over the river right past me.  Because she flew so close to me,  I got a better view of her and she got a better view of me.  I think she and her mate are Grey Heron.  Her mate flew up into the trees.  The same place were I took a picture of him the last time.  After a few minutes he flew away too.

Heron in the tree posing for a picture

Heron in the tree posing for a picture

I was sad that the pair flew away.  When I looked back towards the river I saw a group of ducks that didn’t fly off with the Herons.  I thought “Bummer” and started to kick myself for not having a camera.

I continued to walk along the path until I came to the opening that leads right down to the river’s edge.  I stayed there for a while and thought about the Goddess and her power.  With birds living along the river, I can assume that the water is clean and not polluted with chemicals.  However, there are empty plastic bottles, bags and wrappers from the kids that hang out along the river’s edge.  I even spotted a CD in the water, yuck!  This sadden me and I felt like picking up the garbage left by others.

As I stood thinking about the Goddess, I had a desire to put my hand into the water.  The water wasn’t that cold.  It was nice to touch the Goddess and feel her as the running water was pressing up against my hand.

It is very hard for me to leave the river because the sounds of water crashing against the rocks is so soothing.  I stood there with my feet rooted to the ground listening and thinking, I need to record these sounds and then turn on the recording every night when I go to sleep.

Water cashing against the rocks.

Water cashing against the rocks.

I finally unrooted myself from the ground and walked back home.  As I got to the end of the path, you will never guess what I saw?  A Heron!  She was standing on the water’s edge with the group of ducks floating around her.  Now I am really kicking myself for not having a camera! She must have stood maybe three to four feet in height. She was tall and majestic.  The colors of her feathers were a blue/grey.  She was beautiful.  She didn’t fly away as I walked slowly towards her.  But then I pushed it.  I got to close and she flew away.   As she flew off, I thought “Wow, what a beautiful bird.”  Being such a big bird, she flew so gracefully.

As I write this blog, I am thinking, “It is not a coincidence that I have interacted with the same Heron 3x in seven days.”  I wonder what the Heron is trying to communicate.  I am also wondering what connection does a Heron have with the Goddess.  I must confess that I am missing the Heron now.   I can only hope that I will continue to see the Heron on my morning walks.

As my adventures with the a Heron continues……..

Peace with yourself

Peace with the natural world

Peace with the Goddess and all things Divine